Session one : Introduction to the World of Blogging

Session one : Introduction to the World of Blogging


Today we are gonna start our first session on Blogging. Well starting from now over a period of 2 weeks I’ll be taking one session each day and will be sharing my knowledge and experience related to this vast field of blogging.

Most of you might already be knowing a lot about the world of blogging but in order to take it my way and make sure that you don’t miss out anything, I’ll be covering all what I’m aware of.

Let’s Introduce myself to you first…


I was first induced to the Smartphone world when I bought my first smartphone that was Buzz mobile a Qwerty keypad phone back in 2011. When I sold it and switched to Sony Xperia Tipo my first Android device which I bought on 12/12/12 (i.e. 12th December, 2012 at 12:12pm). I pre-planned that. With this I actually started to gain interest in the Smartphone industry and grew passionate about it over time.

On 7th April, 2013 I started my first Facebook Page – Gadget Zone. I started posting pictures and updates about newly launched smartphones and devices. Over a period of 12 months I managed to get around 2k likes on that page and decided to switch from Facebook page to a full-time Website/Tech Blog. I used to follow Igyaan and Gsmarena immensely at that time and was highly motivated by these two. Finally with some help and support of my parents I managed to start my first Online Tech Magazine – Gadget Zone on June 2014, that you guys are currently going through.

My Experiences over the period of 2 years in the field of blogging

The first year was like total hell. I was completely un-guided. Didn’t knew what to do. As I just started this blog out of passion, but had know idea about what to do and how to do to make it worth. I just simply copied articles from other blogs and pasted them over here.

By the end of my first year I thought about quiting as I wasn’t making any worth of my time spent here. Luckily I came across a Digital Marketing guy Shivam Ahuja from Delhi Startups. He guided my about things like Google Adsense and how to increase my Alexa Ranking and also How I could join some freelancing jobs in order to get some money along with learning some new things from the blogs I would be working for.

I implemented his suggestions and deleted all the copied content from the blog, wrote fresh articles, installed Yoast SEO plugin and within a period of 1 week got my Google Adsense certification and my Alexa Rank increased from 10 million to 2.3 million. Later I joined Abhishek Bhatnargar’s Tech blog – Gadgets To Use as a Freelancer. I worked with him as a part-time content writer for over 3-4 months got learn a lot of things related the field of blogging.

As per the suggestions from Shivam I started to focus on Marketing and Networking relations for my Magazine with various brands like – Xiaomi, OnePlus, Swipe, Sony, So Delhi, Videocon, LG and Zebronics.

What are the possible directions with blogging?


  • Blogging could be a push for your passion for writing, being artistic, creative and expressing your thoughts without any limits to anyone.
  • Blogging could help you pursue your field of hobbies and interests like – Sports, Fashion, Tech, Lifestyle, Travel etc. as your career.
  • Blogging with regular and a directed effort could surely be a Full-Time job that would pay you well.
  • Blogging could definately fetch you some reasonable amount of respect and recognition and give you a platform to showcase yourself regardless of your age, gender or socio-economic background.

Topics that will be focused upon in the upcoming sessions

  1. How to make quality content?
  2. How to increase your sites traffic?
  3. How plugins are helpful for you to manage your site?
  4. What is SEO and why is it important and how to do it?
  5. What are Backlinks and how to get them?
  6. How to get review units?
  7. How to get event invites?
  8. How to mark your position in the blogging industry?
  9. How to earn from your blog?
  10. How to do everything else……..(i.e. whatever your queries are)


Coming to conclusion I think that you guys might have got a basic idea about what you are gonna get in these sessions that would be coming up for the next two weeks. Your suggestions and feedback is most welcomed as all this is being done for you all only.


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