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Top 5 Reasons for Switching from Android to iOS


shifting from android to ios

If you are Smartphone enthusiast and are planning to buy a new device in the 30-40k segment. Then its very obvious that you’ll give a thought to going for an iPhone. Well why wouldn’t you. These days owning an iPhone is a pretty much sort of status symbol.

But before doing so if you are confused about switching from Android to iOS, then you must go through this article for sure guys as I personally think that It would be alot helpful for you to decide then.

So friends I have prepared a small list of 5 Strong points that would easily help you in making your decision firm.

Read below to know the 5 reason for switching from Android to iOS –

You’ll be getting timely Software updates –

system update

Well being an Android user you might have felt the need for a Software update from Google pretty often. And that is very genuine as bugs keeps arising in every software no matter how good it is. But as we all have faced, Google at times seems pretty reluctant in solving our issues related to its decent versions of Android. Also with passing time if you are still using an old variant of Nexus device which was launched 2-3 years back, then you might not even get any updates to newer versions of Android coming up.

But thanks to Apple, the brand really cares for the needs of its loyal customers and releases frequent software updates resolving various bugs which would arise in all iOS devices. Plus as a matter of fact iOS devices are famous for having neglegible or nearly no bugs at all. But if it does then rest assured that you’ll definately get an update soon.

Fingerprint Touch ID response is much faster –

switching from android to ios

This is a place where no device, no matter what processor or system update will never ever be able to defeat Apple. The Fingerprint Sensor on the iPhones is incredibly fast. You can take any device from iPhone 4s to 6s and compare it will any top of the line Android device featuring a fingerprint sensor like Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S7. You will still find Apple’s fingerprint sensor to be pretty quick and accurate in sensing your fingerprint.

So if you are someone who wants everything at a go and doesn’t likes to waste time then it might be the second best reason to tempt you switching from Android to iOS.

Takes better clean shots –

shifting from android to ios

One more very common aspect for which the Apple devices are famous for are their front and rear camera quality. Shots taken from an iOS device would feel so smooth and clear that you would hardly find any blur in the image quality. This is one of the primary reason why Apple iPhones are so commonly known to start the Selfie trend first among Smartphones.

No doubt the top of the line Samsung devices are good at taking clear, blur free shots to but at a certain extent when compared to shots taken from an iOS device they lack smoothness.

Rest assured your data is totally secured –

shifting from android to ios

Well you might have often heard cases where FBI catches an international terrorist and fails to crack through the high level Apple security as his device was an iPhone. In turn when FBI agents asked Apple to open the device then the Brand totally denied commenting that – “It cannot and will not compromise with the privacy of its customers at any cost.”

Well even if this story is just a rumor but even then you must be assured of all your data in your device being in safehands as no matter how good the hacker is he won’t be able to crack through Apple’s high level Security. Even if someone tries to secretly access your data then by enabling a feature you can put your phone under secure mode when entering the wrong password more than 3 times would totally lock up the phone.

Don’t you worry, you can easily remove this lock by a short visit to your nearest service centre.

Lag issues will be old horror dreams –

shifting from android to ios

Intially all devices work fine but as you continue to use your Android device over an year or so then it starts showing few lags depending upon your usage and you have to either compromise with that or buy a new device.

But switching from Android to iOS would definately free you from this endless cycle of buying  new device every 1-2 year just to avoid lag issues and your new iPhone would definately attain Nirvana for this purpose.

Final Verdict…!!!

Well coming to a conclusion I would just say that if you are planning for a device in 30-40k range then switching from Android to iOS would be a very good decision as you will totally get the worth out of every penny spent on any of Apple devices.

Thanks for Reading the article.

Do leave your comments in the feedback section below.

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