• Zenfone Zoom
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    ASUS Zenfone Zoom – The Handy DSLR Phone

    Asus launched the Asus Zenfone Zoom back in January for a price of Rs.38,000 and since then it has been gaining name and fame across the country for its premium built quality, big battery and ofcourse its stunning DSLR look alike Camera. Recently I got the oppurtunity to have a brief review of this device….

  • asus rog
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    ASUS ROG series Launch : Arrival of the Titans

      Most of the people know about Alienware gaming laptops to be the best gaming laptops in the world, but it doesn’t seems like its true at all. Today ASUS launched 6 of its next Gen. gaming devices which will join the line of ASUS ROG series (i.e. Two gaming grade Desktops along with Four high-performance…

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    Best 5 Music Player Apps for Android

    Music is something we all cherish in our lives. It is accessible to most of us and we cannot live without it. Over the years, our music has resided in desktops, Walkman Personal Stereos, iPods and many other devices. At present, many people store their music in their smart phones. Great music experience on smart…

  • Xiaomi Mi 5
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    Xiaomi Mi 5 : Superiority Redefined

      Every smart phone manufacturer is defined by a smart phone that yields big time success and appreciation. To keep the ball rolling, OEMs unveil sequels of their products that are also dedicated to achieving the same fame. With Samsung, we saw the introduction of Galaxy S, then came Galaxy SII and in 2016 the…

  • amoled
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    AMOLED Screen Burns : Causes and Control

    AMOLED or Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode displays are known to deliver one of the most impressive experiences in smart phones today. They present deeper blacks, higher contrast and a more vivid experience than LCD panels. AMOLED displays have individual light emitting pixels. Therefore black areas in an image look more appealing to the eye as they…

  • selfie stick
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    Do I Really Need a Selfie Stick?

    All the adults and youngsters love to share their pictures on social networking sites and apps. The high megapixel cameras of today’s Smart Phones allow them to click plenty of high-quality images on every occasion and location. Now you don’t need other’s help to click solo and group images, you can click selfies by using the front camera of your Smart Phone. However, it is a fact that clicking wide selfies with all your friends can be quite difficult for you because some of your friends can be out of those selfies. It is a problem for every Smart Phone user and the Selfie Stick is a great solution for that problem. How the selfie sticks have become so important for us? World’s leading mobile phone brands like Sony, Samsung and Nokia are providing cameras in their mobile phones from a very long time. The front camera was a necessary feature and mobile phone manufacturing companies had introduced it in late 2003. Today, every Smart Phone comes with the front camera and people use it vastly. All the selfie clickers know that it is not quite simple to click wide selfies by using hand. They can’t cover all the breathtaking visuals of the background. A smart accessory like Selfie Stick was needed to resolve this problem and people have got it today. Keep every group member in frame  It is ready to make the special moments more special for you by providing extendable monopod integrated selfie stick. All the Smart Phone and tab users know that it is quite difficult to click perfect group selfies. It requires a person to stand out of the picture and click the photo, if you want to click many people in the same frame. By the way, there is no need to keep any group member out of the selfie, if you are using the selfie stick. It is a very useful Smart Phone accessory that enhancing photography experience of the users. It is also useful for recording velfies: Velfie stands for video selfie. Many individuals, who visit famous tourist locations or attend any special event, want to record their presence. Selfie stick allow users to record velfies with different angel and in wider frame. It improves your videography experience and realizes you that there is no need to ask others for help when recording a velfie. The selfie sticks have revolutionized the way of capturing special moments and allowed every Smart phone users to click wider pictures by themselves.  Let’s make this world cup season a cost-effective shopping occasion: The prices of all the electronic gadgets get reduced during festival season. T-20 world cup is also a great festival for cricket lovers across the world. All the cricket fans expect to get impressive discounts on purchase of electronic gadgets during this special occasion. However, it is true that not all online shopping carts are providing discount on shopping of Smart Phone accessories like selfie stick. Still LatestOne.com is not letting you down because it is providing more than 50% discount on purchase of selfie stick and other electronic gadgets.

  • honor holly 2 plus
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    Honor Holly 2 Plus : The Battery Mammoth

    Recently along side the Honor 5X the company also launched its big battery phone the Honor Holly 2 Plus. The device is available for a price of Rs.8500 in the Indian Smartphone Market across all online e-commerce platforms. Today we’ll have a look at the detailed feature list of the device. Display & Design –…

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