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OnePlus Power Bank 10000mah – Best Budget Power Bank


Power Bank_Silk White

Since the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power Bank last year the actual need for a Power Bank was felt by the Indian Smartphone users. Seeing the market trend OnePlus decide to launch its own Power Bank which could stand as a worthy rival against the Mi Power Bank. Finally on this Monday the brand was knocking the Indian Smartphone accessory’s door with it mighty OnePlus Power Bank 10000mah.

As we promised to our Gadget Zone fans earlier on our Facebook Fanpage we are finally here with an Exclusive unboxing & hands-on review of the OnePlus Power Bank. For understanding the device we also compared it with its rival Mi Power Bank 10400mAH. Here’s what we felt….


Design – How does it feels in hand?

Well the OnePlus Power Bank a extremely well built device with really smooth edges and is very soft to touch. We received the Silk White variant of the Power Bank and no doubt it had a really appealing look.

The OnePlus Power Bank Weighs just 220 grams in hand and when we compared it side by side with the Mi Power Bank (i.e. 10400mAh variant) then it was way more slimmer, lighter and smoother than the Mi Power Bank.

Charging capacity – Compared with Mi Power Bank

Both the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh and OnePlus Power Bank 10000mah have almost similar charging capacity.

However as we ran few tests comparing both these devices side by side then these were the results-

The OnePlus Power Bank took around 2 hours to charge the Xiaomi Redmi 1s (i.e. Sample Smartphone) from 0-100% (i.e. having 2000 mAh battery), whereas the Mi Power Bank 10400mAh took around 1 hours and 40 minutes to charge the Redmi 1s from 0-100%.

On comparing the charge cycles we found that the Mi Power Bank gave around 4 or 4+ charge cycles while completely charging the Redmi 1s, whereas the OnePlus Power Bank gave around 3 charge cycles with the Redmi 1s. However we believe, the OnePlus Power Bank could have lasted longer if it had one missing feature that was Auto-Power cut like the Mi Power Bank which would have saved the wastage of extra charge from Power Bank once the Smartphone was 100% charged.

(Note :- Charge Cycle means the number of times the Power Bank is capable of giving a full charge to your Smartphone)

USB Ports

Here the OnePlus Power Bank surely wins the ground by providing 2 USB ports with 5V or 2A charging capacity which means you could charge 2 Smartphones at once while using this Power Bank. Whereas the Mi Power Bank just had 1 single charging port.

Technically Safe – How Safe is it for you to use?

The OnePlus Power Bank is having various essential consumer safety features as well like it prevents – overcharging, overheating & short-circuit. But the most important place where it brutally crushes its rival again is the battery. The OnePlus Power Bank has the best quality Lithium-Polymer batteries which are very much more expensive than the Lithium-ion batteries but these batteries do completely ensure consumer safety at its best. Whereas the Mi Power Bank has a Lithium-ion battery which tends to heat up after regular usage and could be dangerous as well.

So we feel the OnePlus Power Bank is much more safer than Mi Power Bank.

Here’s the Unboxing Video…

Here’s the Comparison Video…

Price & Conclusion

The OnePlus Power Bank is currently available on Amazon India’s official website in two colour options – Silk White and Sandstone Black. The Power Bank is priced at Rs.1399 which might have been considered a high price but at this situation when the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAH isn’t available in stock so from our side OnePlus Powerbank is a steal deal with similar charging capacity, smoother body & appealing design.

So go and grab yours before it runs out-of-stock.


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