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In  today’s engaging world there is hardly any time left for playing games. But I know true gamers can make their time from their busy schedule for the play time. The culture of gaming is spreading fast in India. So to encourage gaming on 28 June 2016 in new Delhi India Game XS  launched Play X, a gaming tournament application where players can compete in daily or weekly on line tournaments in addition to head to head challenges in the games like FIFA, Clash Of Clans, Dota 2, Clash Royale and many more from their own consoles. The idea of introduction of Play X is to bring e sports home. Let’s have a look.

What is Game XS ???


Game XS is one of the  dedicated leading game and console store in India. Game XS provide you with latest pre-owned games for all the platforms of gaming that is PS 3, PS 4, PC, X box 1, X box 360  75% below the retail price. Game XS also deals in trending gaming consoles. Moreover anyone can sell their games at their suitable price and can convert their collection into money. So this is the best platform to buy and sell games and accessories at appropriate price.

What is Play XS???

Play XS is an application launched by Game XS on 28 June 2016 for players who wanted to compete in daily or weekly on line tournament and engaging challenges in their favorite games like FIFA, CS GO, Dota 2 and on mobile platform clash of clans, clash of royale etc.

Play XS is just an offering  for hardcore gamers, focuses on to be the platform to power e sports in India. Founder of Game XS Kabir Jain said that the path to pro gaming leagues in India is through amateur leagues. The Indian gamer needs to play more competitive games without any investment int any equipment before competing at he global level. With the help of these competitive challenges gamers can improve their skills and can be prepared for bigger tournaments ahead.

Play X currently has 1000 visitors and about 300 are players playing games on line. Daily the application sees 500 visitors. Now you can judge that how much Play XS is in trend.

What is tournament all about???

Play XS has conducted an off line FIFA 16 tournament at SMAAASH, Cyberhub, Gurgaon, so that people would get to use the gaming application and experience the gaming challenge. The tournament took the attention of 100 professional gamers from all over the India and the winners are awarded with worth 1 lakh rupees.


Play X is planning to organize the gaming tournament regularly in major cities in coming months. E sports is the rapid growing division in gaming and moreover it had been added to Rio Olympics as E games international gaming tournament. E games will take place in host cities with future tournaments in Psycongchang in 2018 and in Tokyo in 2020. Rise in E sports enthusiasts have been seen in India as their are 130 casual gamers and around 7 million hardcore gamers. It can be talked as India has a lot of potential but carried with lacking basic support.

So to overcome these aroused problems E sports in India is encouraged by organizing tournaments. PlayX will host daily tournaments for all sorts of games where players can join and take part in. It is not only restricted to the major games like FIFA 16 and Dota 2 but an equal fun by mobile games like clash of clans, clash of Royale, pools etc. in addition to on line participation game XS is looking forward to organize the off line gaming tournaments, so that the players can gather up and grow familiar with the society.

So, download the application Play X now or visit the website now for entering the E sports tournament from the provided link:






From my point of view

It is a good thing that Play X is launched by Game XS. As it had been seen from the above discussion that India is not a feeble country in the field of gaming. 7 million hardcore gamers are from India only. So if game XS is launching a tournament based application Play X to support e sports in  India, then from my point it is a premium idea to encourage e sports in India. As it would be helpful for Indian gamers to know their level in gaming when they compete in head to head challenges by the way of tournaments on the games like FIFA 16, clash of clans and much more and can build there chance to improve their skills by the way of self judgment. from this launch it has been made clear that the Game XS users will be freak out on the launch play x and actively participate in on line tournaments.

So guys if you support gaming then it is recommended to use the application Play X and join the completion right now.

Thanks for reading. Please share your opinion in the comment section below.


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