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English Seekho – Learn Spoken English The Easy Way


English Seekho

India is a country with a huge population which is over more than a billion. With every passing day it is growing in all fields be it Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure or Human Resource Development. The Government is launching a lot of schemes for children and students all over the country to learn various skills.

But in this race we all have ignored and forgotten about something. What about the Elderly, Adults and the grown-up. In their time the education system wasn’t so much well developed and reason being today a large part of our country’s total population still can’t properly speak even simple English.

Out of this population some of them are so that if they could be made to learn spoken English, then they could contribute in their work & understand their modern surroundings in a much better way than they currently do. These people include Farmers in villages, Taxi Drivers, Tour Guides, Middle Class Housewives, Low level Clerical Staff, Low Ranking Government Officials, Our Grand Parents and many more who could bring a change in society and their own lives if they learn spoken English.

So today we introduce  you with English Seekho application.

If by reading the word “Application” you are thinking something like, “Ohh its a Mobile App, Now how will my mother will use it on her simple keypad phone”. If that is what you are really thinking then just wait to be surprised, you don’t need any high specification android smartphone to use this application, it could run on any simple keypad phone. If you even have a doubt that will it work on your old keypad phone or not? then let me clear you, it would even work on the Nokia 1100 Handset.

Small Intro of English Seekho

english seekho

English Seekho is a voice based learning application which could be accessed on any simple keypad phone just by dialling the TollFree no. – 1800221009. On dialling this number you will get a unique pin by following the instructions. The Pin would be valid for 30 days from the date of registration. The Application is developed by IL&FS Education and if you are managing a company and wish to train your Lower Level employees in Basic English, then we could help you in getting a special price quote.

The program is available in 7 regional languages (i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati). The Program takes just 5-8 minutes of your daily time to complete a single lesson. There are a total of 44 lessons of how to learn spoken English spread over 10 different chapters.


Awards and Recognition

The English Seekho program has got multiple awards like :-

  • Sankalp2010 ( best educational inclusion project)
  • Manthan (best M-Content)
  • M- Billionth Award for inclusive M-learning
  • Meffy’s UK Award for the best Voice App


We found that the English Seekho Program is very much user-centric and innovative way to make a large population of people easily learn Spoken English. The lessons are simple, basic and easily to learn if you pay attention to the voice program. You could even practice the whole lesson at the end of each day’s learning. All in all we think that everyone of your must give it a try.

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