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asus r510j

As we all know in today’s time gaming is the rapid growing division from the fields of entertainment. Everyone is looking for a good gaming laptop that would last in the long run. It is a little bit confusing for making an option for which one should go or opt for. As there are many other brands in competition. Thinking about gaming laptop top brands that would come to your mind :- MSI, Alien-ware, Asus Rog series which are generally high-end  PC’S with a high-end price range. So it is a challenging task for finding a good gaming laptop that would survive in the long run with sober specs which can mark up to your expectations and within your price.

So, limiting up your problems of finding up of new gaming laptop within your price range, here comes our new product Asus r510j. Asus r510j is a new gaming laptop launched by Chinese manufacturer Asus with a price of 70990 INR which of course fits best in your budget. Keeping in mind the gamers demand to call up of in range gaming laptop, Asus finally decides to launch this variant in gaming. let us check out the review :-


asus r510j

Firstly talking about the design of Asus r510j, the model carries up with a pretty cool design with a beautiful combination of red geometric lines with the black back ground on the top. However, the top is piano finished vulnerable to scratches. So it is advisable to put on the skin. The internal panel has a matte completion which can resist tear and wear better.



Coming up to display, the display has an anti-glare screen of 15.6 inches, hence eliminating all the reflections from the screen. The sharpness and the color production is also very good with an excellent viewing sides. Asus r510j has a full HD display which can be beneficial for viewing multimedia and other content with ease.

asus r510j

In this model, Asus provides you with a good looking keyboard. Typing would be butter flow on this keyboard. Letter on the keys is embedded bold in dark red color. Asus could have considered providing back lit keyboard in this range too.


Now walking towards power and performance, Asus r510j comes up with I 7 4720 HQ processor along with 8 GB DDR 3 random access memory and Nvidia Ge force Gtx 950 m graphic card of 4 GB of on board memory which is quite sufficient to handle high-end graphic games with an actual ease and comfort.

The product deals with 1 TB of hard disk space which is just sufficient for today’s time of storage demand. Doing day to day work would be done easily as it is a high-performance laptop for doing normal daily routine work. Asus has built its broad well architecture just for daily routine work as well as for gaming. So, no thinking just grab the product now.


Now heading towards gaming experience on this laptop, Asus r510j provides you with the pretty good gaming experience. We had tested this system with high-end graphic games. These games are those which have gone worst on PC platform carried with most of the lags and glitches. These games are batman Arkham knight and assassin’s creed unity that have been tested on this system. These games run well with 30-40 frames per second in full HD resolution on this system. After lowering the resolution to 720 p now the games holds up to 40-60 frames per second.

The systems GTX 950 m dedicated graphics with 8 GB ram, I 7 processor  are quite sufficient to handle high-end graphic games thus enriching your gaming experience.

There is only one problem with gaming on this system that Asus should have considered to improve. The problem is that after half and hour of play, laptop overheats up which is unavoidable. Apart from this the whole device is just perfect which every gamer’s eyes are looking for.


While gaming laptops are well tested for giving a maximum performance during gaming sessions, but they are not designed for giving extraordinary battery life when your system is exposed to gaming. Especially when you are using power hungry GPU and CPU. So battery of this model lasts for 2 hours during the gaming sessions and 4 hours of the normal work.

asus r510j

Moreover, Asus has introduced Sonic master to this model which is responsible for enriching your sound quality. Asus r510j is also featured with normal quality web cam which is just sufficient for doing skype chats. It cannot be said “the best” but a passable one.

asus r510j


From the gamers point of view, there are plenty of connectivity options. This laptop comes up with 3 USB ports out of which 2 USB ports supports 3.0 channel of connectivity. HDMI and Ethernet ports with VGA and headphones slots are also present in this system.



  •  Excellent keyboard fluency
  • Above average gaming experience
  • Presence of sonic master for clear and powerful sound


  • Overheats a lot during gaming sessions
  • No back-lit key-bored
  • Top of the laptop, vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints


As it is not masked from anyone that making a best choice in gaming laptop is very challenging task. Most of the good gaming laptops are budgeted over 1 lakh. So if anyone is looking for in range gaming laptop the Asus r510j would suits you the best. It is a good combination of price and performance. It has an i7 processor with 8 GB ram makes it better for gaming.

but not a perfect choice. Graphic card could be more better. As GTX 950 is just a simple one. Where there is rule of GTX 1080 in today’s time. So from my point of view GTX 950 could be replaced by GTX 960 or higher. However it is best suitable for running latest games of 2015 and 2016. In other words a worthy laptop.

Asus could have considered making an improvement on some of the features like back lit keyboard, looks of the laptop and overheating problem during the gaming sessions. Apart from this, it is the best laptop for gaming that fits best in your budget. so guys leave thinking that gaming laptops are always expensive because Asus r510j is there now.

Thanks for reading. Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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