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5 Best Air Purifier for fighting against Delhi Air Pollution


air purifier

The condition of air has deteriorated in Delhi putting forth the need of an air purifier for a healthy living. The particulate matter level has risen to 246 while the minimum level is 193.  The market has varieties of air purifiers with different technological features to provide the purest air to the people. They have more advanced filters which can filter the minutest dust particles. Today, we will have a look at 5 best air purifiers available at the click of your finger.

1 .Aeroguard Breeze Portable room air purifier  (Rs. 11500)

Its Aerodynamic 360-degree airflow delivers pure air into the entire room. It has 5 stage active shield filtration system which works efficiently to give pure air. It has other filters also like active HEPA filter and active 10 X filter which keeps the house sterile and free from bacteria. The active Nano silver technology prevents bacteria and other air bore germs while active carbon filter filters toxic gasses.Anion generator with fragrance diffuser controls the odor of the room. Mood lamp provides shallow light with a soft glow which helps one in relaxing.

Specific features:-

Coverage area -200 sq. ft.

Power consumption- 22 W

Portable – yes

Warranty – 1 year

air purifier

2 .Philips portable room air purifier ( Rs. 11400 )

With the help of good sensor, Philips portable room air purifier detects dust immediately and removes it giving fresh air for one to breathe in. It has active carbon feature which filters toxic gasses and purifies the air.

Specific features:-

Coverage area 677 sq. ft.

Power consumption- 58 W

Portable – yes

Warranty- 2 years

air purifier

3 .Moonbow portable room air purifier (Rs.7000)

It has specific UV lamp which traps all kind of germs and eliminates particles. It has activated carbon feature which filters toxic gasses.

Specific features:-

Coverage area -400 sq. ft.

Power consumption- 55 W

Portable- yes

air purifier

4. Kent aura portable room air purifier (Rs.13400)

It has Heap dust collection technology which eliminates bacteria from the air. Its specially treated carbon filter removes all odors. The inbuilt light sensors continuously monitor and adjust the air quality. The device has the silent operation. The device also has a filter change alarm that alerts when it is the time to change the filter.

Specific features:-

Coverage area -270 sq. ft.

Power consumption -45 W

Portable -yes

Warranty-1 year

air purifier

5. Rpm Airtech portable room air purifier (Rs.12400)

It has PM2.5 data indicators for real-time air quality monitor which are capable of removing 99.7 % of dust, pollen, and other harmful suspensions in air that directly invades into the lungs and causes disorders. Its sensors are specifically designed to change speed and adapt to increase or decrease when they sense any kind of pollutant. It follows a 6 stage purification process which guarantees pure air.

Specific features:-

Coverage area -600 sq. ft.

Power consumption -35 W

Portable – yes

Warranty -1 year

air purifier

Final Conclusion

These air purifiers act as a life saver in the current scenario when most of the people are suffering because of air pollution. They are a necessity for people with respiratory disorders. According to the necessity and usage, one should carefully pick out the most suitable air purifier with the help of this article.

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